Specialists journals

Archive | Specialists journals The amateur film movement in Poland had several publishing platforms. The monthly magazine “Kinotechnik” (1948-1981), edited by Wiktor Ostrowski for the state film distributor “Film Polski”, dealt with questions of film and cinema equipment in a technical overview for cinema operators. Starting in 1955, articles about the amateur film movement and… Continue reading Specialists journals

Advisory literature

Archive | Advisory literature Within the framework of the amateur film movement, a veritable promotion and marketing system was created, with the state advisory bodies “Centralna Poradnia Amatorskiego Ruchu Artystycznego” (Central Advisory Board for the Amateur Artistic Movement) CPARA or with “Centralny Ośrodek Metodyki Upowszechniania Kultury” (Central Methodological Office for the Dissemination of Culture) COK,… Continue reading Advisory literature