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The amateur film movement in Poland had several publishing platforms. The monthly magazine “Kinotechnik” (1948-1981), edited by Wiktor Ostrowski for the state film distributor “Film Polski”, dealt with questions of film and cinema equipment in a technical overview for cinema operators. Starting in 1955, articles about the amateur film movement and AKFs appeared regularly in “Kinotechnik,” starting in June 1956 in the specially created column “Film amatorski.” It was discontinued in June 1963, and the amateur topics were still discussed in individual texts until March 1965. The circle of authors then switched to the monthly magazine “Fotografia” (1953-1974). The renowned magazine followed the production of artistic photography in Poland and abroad. Its editors, the avant-garde photographic artist Zbigniew Dłubak and the art historian Urszula Czartoryska, contributed to the fact that the magazine not only helped shape and comment on the developments of photography in Poland, but that its monthly issues were considered a leading medium throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The magazine supplement “Fotoamator” included the section “Film amatorski”, which on 7 to 9 pages covered the whole spectrum of amateur film production, from technology to clubs, festivals, associations, international linkages, and cultural practices of film amateurs. Some clubs at times, like AKF “Śląsk” in Katowice, published their own professional magazines “Film amatorski”. Popular film magazines such as “Film” (1946-2013) and “Ekran” (1957-1992), as well as the professional magazine “Kino” (1966 to the present) also reported continuously on the subject.

Supplement “Film Amatorski” (“Amateur Film”) in the journal “Kinotechnik”

The monthly magazine “Fotografia” with the supplement “Fotoamator”, in which the section “Film amatorski” appears

The periodical “Film amatorski” temporarily published by AKF “Śląsk”

The illustrated magazine “FILM”